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Some Benefits

Handmade Soap; Coffee !

You have the right to feel awesome so treat yourself and feel amazing and take care of your skin with our products, we have a mission to make that happen, to help treat your sensitive skin problems and maintain a healthy and soothing skin. 

Our Coffee Soap and Scrub are known to help the skin with antioxidants which help neutralize the effects of aging, and prevent drying and known to help with dead skin.  Exfoliating your skin help remove residual dirt, and give you a fresher and more moisturized appearance. Coffee it is also known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. There’s are no harsh chemicals involved, leave you looking healthier and more vibrant than ever before.

Amazing results


Our products lather but you don't need that much for a clean skin.  Our mainly duty is help to recover, improve and soothing your skin. Results are positive so carry on with them. Our soaps have NO preservatives, artificial nor synthetic ingredients.  Combination of oils, butters and essentials, rich on antioxidants, nutrients and Vitamins. The benefits are in many ways some are moisturizer, hydrate, wash dirt from face, repair damage of the tissue all this in order to promote a healthy skin.



Lavender the most versatile of all essential oils, known to treat different skin problems and as a aromatherapy, oatmeal help soothing skin while peppermint adds refreshing boost. Notorious benefits of this blend are for skin irritations.

Beer Soaps

Using beer rather than water is well known of moisturizing and fight acne.  Contains amino acids which can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Can be used in hair and beer, as is recognized of its several benefits such as Vitamin B therefore improve and restore the appearance of the hair.

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